RitualStir Wellness Tribe
RitualStir Wellness Tribe
Wilson Rook

Welcome to RitualStir Wellness Tribe

Escape burnout and embrace a well-balanced life in our community.

About Us

Bringing together the open hearted and burned out professionals in need of renewal, to holistically level up our fitness and health, so we may re-discover our powers and live in alignment with our purpose!

5 years ago, I started my dream career working in technology consulting. The work is fast paced, exciting and rewarding - with more than a small amount of stress and tight deadlines. Last year a health scare put me in the hospital; it was an ordeal that did a blow to my already taxed mental and spiritual bandwidth. I found holistic wellness practices and fitness routines that allowed me to recapture my flow states and bandwidth!

-The manifestation of RitualStir Wellness Community

This is the Quest of RitualStir!

Join the tribe today and banish the obstacles holding you back from your happiest, healthiest, purpose-aligned self.

Stir Your Wellness Rituals 


Monthly Wellness Goals Supported with Weekly LIVE Bookclub Socials


 Nurturing Conversation and Connection with Like-Minded Community Members


 Insight, Support and Accountability from Wellness Coaches and Practitioners


Master Powerful Life-Spells & Skills with Weekly Ritual Challenges


One-on-One Health & Fitness Coaching Available as Additional Service